Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fish Story

There'a alot of do’s and don’ts in cooking and here’s a major DON’T!  A lot of you may know this already, in which case you’re wasting your time reading this, but you won’t  know that until you’ve read it.  This either ironic or moronic, I’m  not sure…  Anyhow, there’s a saying that goes something like,”Fish and houseguests start to stink after 3 days”.   Well, thanks  to modern(?) technology fish can stink a whole lot faster.   I had some leftover fried fish chunks from the night before's catfish Po Boys so I turned them into fish tacos, using my microwave, which is fine, IN THE PRIVACY OF MY OWN APARTMENT!!!!!, oh yeah, and I had the fan in the window on exhaust.  Now I don’t have the greatest sense of smell which is how this whole thing started in the first place. 

Coupla weeks earlier I took some leftovers to the guitar store where I hang out and and am occasionally productive.  I made a curry that called for way too much rice, so I had all this extra curried rice in desperate need of something.  The only other leftovers I had were some fried fish chunks from the night before so I tossed ‘em in with the rice …those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat themselves, or their lunch.  I was in a hurry the next morning, so I grabbed my leftover concoction that I had planned to eat at home, alone that night and headed off to the guitar store.  Good thing I waited ‘til near closing time to nuke this stink bomb.  Now , mind you, I did not smell this. And I swear on my grandmom’s grave (wait  ‘til we get to her recipes and cooking secrets, they’re actually really, really good!)  that microwaving leftover fish was like setting off a neutron bomb.  Needless to say, there was what is known in the retail business as a BD, or business decline.  When I left at closing time[O1] , I’m sure the store’s proprietor was glad to see the back of my head getting smaller and smaller. 

Morale of the story, don’t nuke the whales or fish, unless they come in box with Mrs’ Pauls on the front!



  1. Yup, that's kind of a cardinal sin. Just like don't eat onions or beans at lunch if you work in an office.

  2. Even beano can't cure fish, chitlins, garlic or onions!