• Hey, there might be a lockout, but we still gotta find hockey and eat!
    Hobo Chef here. The hobo chef likes hockey. Unfortunately, there's no "real hock
    ey" this year. But there's plenty of hobo hockey. Just like the last lockout I'll be watching plenty of club hockey, D level hockey, and college hockey at the Class of 1923 Penn Ice Rink. Which brings me to hockey food. Two favorite hockey foods are pasties (both the Midwestern meat vegetable pie type and the other type) and a player favorite pregame meal, chicken and pasta.

    Here's a hobo recipe for chicken and pasta, sort of. As that great chef Paula Poundstone once said if it takes more than three steps, it's cooking. I counted about nine in this dish so I guess it must be cooking. Yeah I know it's a frozen dinner but there's some work involved not to mention the countless serving suggestions, like put this stuff on a plate like the picture on the box or open a bag salad or butter some white bread. The great thing about this dinner is that it cost $.93, WOW!

    I could list the steps required to prepare this feast but considering you read this much you can most likely read the back of the box for yourself. Bon appétit and I'll see you at the rink!