Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Double Sad Death

I used to love going to Chinese restaurants. Even though everything was numbered, the dishes still had these incredible names like, Triple Jade, Lug Nut Duck, or Happy Yum Yum Dragon. Just like the drinks in those tiki mugs with great names like Navy Grog, Mai Tai, or my personal favorite Suffering Bastard. Sadly those days are long gone. But they live on as the inspiration for the name of this dish. This is truly bottom of the barrel hobo cuisine, even a new low for confusion cuisine. It combines two of the lowliest forms of food life on earth into one poverty ridden nightmare. The bottom feeder package of Ramen noodles, and the two for a dollar Herrs Hot and Spicy Cheese Curls, you still with me? This is gonna get ugly. But I swear, this is a West Philadelphia staple… I think you know where this is going.

This dish gets its name from its double unhealthy punch ,ie: the MSG, trans fat, preservative, food coloring, carbohydrate laden cheese curls and that little sodium bomb package that comes with the Ramen noodles.  Which leads us to the name, Double Sad Death, high blood pressure and no doubt diabetes.

Way back when I was interviewed by music writer for a music paper in Baltimore, he came up with the term "rat think". Rat think is a combination of desperation and creativity, kind of how rats are forced to live all the time. This particular dish could just have easily been called Rat Think Surprise. But I like the whole Eastern/ Western confusion cuisine thing, what with the cheese curls and the Asian noodles and all.  My favorite Thai restaurant in the world is right next to my favorite late-night pizza place. Once for fun asked if I could get a grilled cheese sandwich at the Thai restaurant and I asked the pizza place for a slice of green curry pizza. It might be a small world but it's got some pretty big walls!*
So without further ado here goes. Prepare the Ramen noodles according to package directions and put them in a bowl. Open up the cheese curls (get the small bag), crush them, dump them in the bowl with the Ramen and the seasoning and dig in… Don't say you weren't warned.
Special thanks to Glenn on this one and remember don't try this at home kids!
*If you feel  a need to make this more “traditionally Asian”, then you can always substitute a bag of fried pork rinds.  A tad more protein, with no loss of unhealthiness…


  1. Buster asking: any MD 20/20 concoctions

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  4. are your recipes heated by bonfire?