Sunday, October 28, 2012

*The hobo chef loves comments, and DOES take requests! This one goes out to my old buddy, Buster. While I do have a chicken dish which uses Peaches and Cream M D 20/20, a couple of disclaimers first. The only 20% in Mad Dog these days is food coloring. It's now a 13%er just like all of Mogan David's wines! There’s something  kosher or not kosher about this, I'm not sure. Also, it is very difficult for the hobo chef to acquire MD 20/20. While many do not know this, PA is a communist country. Look at the evidence. It's a Commonwealth with State Stores. I think you know where this is going. In the State’s infinite wisdom MD 20/20 was bannned in the history theme parks of Philly where the hobo chef lives. This was supposed to drive away hobos/winos.
Into the breach stepped 4 Loco, the high-energy drink that killed kids then morphed into a high alcohol drink (12% flavored malt beverages with a vast array of flavor profiles) that saved the winos. Below is a recipe for Stereotypical Chicken and Waffles, using four Loco watermelon flavor
Stereotypical Chicken and WafflesBottom of Form

Yer hobo chef came up with a little sumpthin I call Stereotypical Chicken-n-Waffles. Now I personally don't get that whole "black people like chicken and watermelon thing", as if this were somehow degrading. I LOVE CHICKEN AND WATERMELON!!!!, who doesn't? They both taste real good so, WTF?  Anyhow back to our recipe which is already in progress:

1/2 can of Four Loco Watermelon(ya know the 24 ounce master cylinder)
2 pkgs of dollar store chicken thighs(Dollar tree), or" mgr special or we'll have to through it in the dumpster chicken..."
while yer at the dollar store, pick up a pkg of frozen buttermilk waffles
1/2 an onion chopped
2 jalapenos cut into cool looking little rings
shrooms, 'bout half a pound, sliced like they do in real restaurants
a bunch of flour, bread crumbs crushed up potato chips or Dorritos or whatever is handy in a bowl, dealer's choice...
salt, pepper, Mrs Dash, whatever, yer problem
2tbs oil in a fryin pan

Rinse the chicken(it's tasty but toxic)

Heat the oil in the pan(medium high heat, splattering oil hurts like a bitch!)

Coat each piece of bird in with whatever you put in the bowl

Let it fry up about 6-8 minutes on the first side and then turn it over, and fry another 4-6 minutes.
Add the the Four Loco(reserving the other 12 oz to drink w/dinner), shrooms, onions and jalapenos

Cover the fryin pan and cool yer jets to simmer, 20, 30, 40 minutes. Depends on how big the chicken is and whether you've got any circus geek in you

About a minute before you're ready to eat this mess toast an appropriate number of waffle per piece is about right, unless you need the carbs, then buy 2 pkgs of waffles and make glutton assed sandwiches,ie: waffle, chicken, waffle

Put the waffle on the plate, put the chicken on the waffle, then spoon or dump some juice and veggies on it

As a rule I like some kind of greens, wilted with garlic and dill seed as a side, just to complete the stereotype

Drink the Four Loco, you will notice that it pairs well with the dish…Bon Apa, blu, bluh, bluh….

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