Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Waste not, want not Breakfast!

Waste not, want not Breakfast!

There's only one thing that makes the hobo chef sicker than his own cooking. That would be wasted restaurant food!  Now this usually falls into the carb category, but I hate to see french fries, mashed potatoes or pasta wasted. I can't believe people just leave it there on the table!  All right, let's start with potatoes. Those french fries you were gonna toss, hold up a second.  Have them boxed and take them with you. 
Next morning chop 'em up and put some butter in a pan.  Toss in the taters and add some onion powder and garlic powder and chop them up with a spatula as they cook down. While they're cooking down grab an egg out of the fridge and some cheese and salsa/hot sauce. Now the egg to tater ratio is up to you, but the eggs go in first. I lived in Texas for a while so if you have a stray tortilla around it only makes things better. Let the eggs and taters set up, nuke the tortilla for 30 seconds, dump the eggs on half of the tortilla, and add cheese and salsa. Fold over and you have a breakfast taco! This can also be done with steak fries or planks, it's all food!!!

Now, leftover mashed potatoes. There's nothing better than potato pancakes. Grab your leftover mashed taters, one egg, onion, real or powdered and a ripped up piece of white bread, can't get enough carbs! Mash all this stuff together and form some White Castle burger sized cakes. Put some oil in your frying pan and stick the cakes in.  Brown 'em on each side, lift them out with a spatula, and bring on the condiments: grated cheese, sour cream or salsa( from the dollar store), on sale plain yogurt or a fried egg, be creative!

Now, that leftover pasta. This one's easy. Put some oil in the pan, pick your protein…ham, tofu, roadkill, your choice, toss in some red pepper flakes and crisp it up with the "protein".  Next, toss in the leftover pasta. Grab an egg out of the fridge, bust it, scramble it and chuck it in the pool.  At this point throw in whatever cheese you have lying around. Congratulations!, you've just made carbonara!

And to think, all that stuff would've wound up in the restaurant trashcan. Talk about recycling !!!!!!

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