Tuesday, January 29, 2013

******...Hobo Chef Wins 3rd Place in Chicken Wing Contest!!! (good thing too, the winner has to cook during the Super Bowl, and the Hobo Chef is from Baltimore, GO RAVENS!!!!!

Hobo Wings

A dozen or do so wings, tips cut off and wings split
8 packets of Heinz ketchup
2 to 4 packets each of the following:
duck sauce
soy sauce
Chinese hot mustard
cayenne sauce
Taco Bell’s Fire sauce
Texas Pete hot sauce
3 -4 packets of butter melted(take the butter out of the packets first!)

Mix the sauce up starting with all the Heinz ketchup then adding and tasting as you go. Add the melted butter about halfway through and then adjust packet amounts accordingly.  Any other hot sauce that you have around is fair game too . As for the wings, all the other "chefs" went on about how they brined their chicken(guess that’s why they’re “real” chefs). My wings spent the night marinating in Rogue’s Voodoo Doughnuts beer, a bit pricey but it had maple, bacon and smoke flavors and it pairs well with hobo chefs and their friends. I fried up a package of Dollar Tree turkey bacon( 2 packages might have worked better though.   The winning chef wrapped his wings in bacon, I swear, you could wrap a turd in bacon and people would eat it and like it!) and used the bacon grease to coat the wings and seasoned them with purloined salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and cayenne.  Baked them for 30 min. at 425°, and that got ‘em crispy.  Then I  turned them over and gave them about another 15 or so min. Your oven is probably more like, uh, a real oven than mine so just keep checking them. Then I just sauced them and watched as people hesitantly tried them and then liked them!  I think calling them Hobo Wings followed by the words, ”save those condiment packets” probably worked against me…

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